Windows 3.1

  1. Download DosBox from the chrome web store if you do not have it
  2. Download Windows 3.1 from this link
  3. Unzip doswin.zip
  4. Read README.txt
  5. Open DOSBOX
  6. Press the yellow question mark in the bottom right corner
  7. Click "Import local directory to C:/ drive"
  8. Select your "doswin" folder
  9. Click open, then Wait for it to import
  10. Close all DOSBOX windows
  11. Open DOSBOX
  12. Type "cd doswin"
  13. Type "cd win31"
  14. Type "setup"
  15. Wait a while, it takes a while to load.
  16. Press your ENTER key twice
  17. Wait for it to install
  18. Select "Generic/Text Printer"
  19. Select "Cancel"
  20. Wait until a new dialogue opens.
  21. Press "Exit Setup"
  22. Wait until Windows closes and it shows a black screen with "C:/WINDOWS"
  23. Close all DOSBOX Windows.
  24. Open DOSBOX.
  25. Type "cd doswin\drivers"
  26. Type "cd soundb~1"
  27. Type "install"
  28. Wait for it to load.
  29. Press ENTER
  30. Wait, then press ENTER
  31. Press the up-arrow until "Microsoft Windows 3.1" is selected
  32. Press ENTER
  33. Make sure it says "C:\WINDOWS" highlighted in Cyan, if it doesn't, type that in.
  34. Press ENTER Twice
  35. Close DOSBOX
Launch Procedure
  1. Open DosBox
  2. Type in "cd WINDOWS"
  3. Type in "win"

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