Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

I left fallout.zip on my computer at my house so right now it's not up. Wait until this message is gone to do the tutorial.

    1. Download DosBox from the Chrome Web Store if you don't have it
    2. Download Fallout from this link
    3. Open Files->Downloads
    4. Double click your fallout.zip
    5. CTRL+A, CTRL+C the files
    6. Go back to File->Downloads
    7. Create a folder named "dos" if you haven't
    8. Inside Files->Downloads->Dos create a folder called "fallout"
    9. CTRL+V the files into the "fallout" folder
    10. Open DosBox
    11. Click the yellow ? in the bottom right-hand corner
    12. Click "Import local directory to C:\ drive"
    13. Click your "dos" folder
    14. Click "open"
    15. Skip steps 16-19 if you have already configured DosBox
    16. Click "Configure DosBox (Advanced)"
    17. Delete all the text in the Configuration file text box
    18. Paste this into the Configuration file text box:
      # DOSBox configuration file

    19. Click Save
    20. Open DosBox
    21. Type in cd dos
    22. Type in cd fallout
    23. Type in install.exe
    24. Be patient and let install.exe load. It took around 10 minutes to load for me.
    25. Click "Medium Installation"
    26. Click Okay/Setup/I honestly don't know, I'm not installing this game a third time, please someone email me what it actually says.
    27. Wait for it to finish
    28. Click Finish
    29. Wait for the sound driver setup to load
    30. Press Enter five times.
    31. Type in cd /
Launch Procedure
  1. Type in cd intrplay, no e
  2. Type in cd fallout
  3. Type in fall
  4. Press the right arrow on your keyboard
  5. Press enter
  6. Wait for it to load, seriously. It goes between a ton of loading screens, most of them completely black, for around 20 minutes. I do not recommend closing this game.

If you want to have me add a game, or have any questions or concerns please add a bug report/feature request on Bug Trackr.

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