Sid Meier's Civilization

  1. Download DosBox from the chrome web store if you do not have it
  2. Install Windows 3.1 if you don't have it. Here's a link to the guide I wrote.
  3. Download Civ II from here.
  4. Create a dos folder if you haven't already.
  5. Open civilization-2.zip
  6. Open the Civilization 2 folder.
  7. CTRL+A CTRL+C all the files.
  8. Open your dos folder
  9. Create a civ2 folder within the dos folder.
  10. CTRL+V into the new civ2 folder.
  11. Open DOSBOX
  12. Click the yellow question mark in the bottom right hand corner.
  13. Click "Import local directory to C:\ drive
  14. Select the dos folder, or the civ2 folder
  15. Click open
  16. Close all DOSBOX windows
  17. Open DOSBOX
  18. Type "cd WINDOWS"
  19. Type "win"
Launch Procedure
  1. Open DosBox
  2. Type in cd dos
  3. Type in cd civ
  4. Type in civ.exe
  5. Press 1 three times

If you want to have me add a game, or have any questions or concerns please add a bug report/feature request on Bug Trackr.

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